Meet Our Editors

Mackenzie Rolf: Chief Editor
Mackenzie Rolf is the Co-Editor in Chief of the Clypian. She has been a part of the Clypian staff for four years as a Reporter, Page Editor, and Copy Editor. In 2016, she was the Northwest Scholastic Press’ first place winner in the News Write off competition.
A local music enthusiast, Mackenzie has been involved with music projects such as Make Music Day, the Salem Art Fair, and various shows at the Space Concert Club.
Samantha Riesterer: Chief Editor
Incurable travel expert. Proud web lover. Gamer. Twitter junkie. Total TV guru.
Eddy Binford-Ross: News Editor
 Total coffee hater. Freelance social mediaholic. Internet geek.  Troublemaker. Creator. Evil music lover. Web ninja. Travel maven.
Katy Morris: News Editor
Explorer, Genius, Perpetual Escapist, Sock Enthusiast, Vengeful Bowler. 
Amelia Smith: Opinion Editor
Genius, Lawyer, Dollar Store Owner, Food Afcionado, Unicorn Rider. Pikachu chooses me.
Kaia Alexander: Feature Editor
Sculptor, Innovator, Hopeless Romantic, Aspiring Yogi, I feed my cats poptarts.
Chandler Walker: Sports Editor
Chandler loves sports (go figure) and likes to hang out with friends and attend sports events in his free time.
Hilary James: Sports Editor
Disrupter, Choco-holic, Avid Baker, Game Show Guru. Baked to perfection.
Jasmine Chitwood: Photo Editor
Restauranteur, Runner, Amateur Chef, Event Producer, Syndicate Aggregator. I get mini heart attacks when my phone isn’t in my pocket.
India Hartle: Photo Editor
Believer, Author, Sunshine Addict, Career Educator, Wig tester. 

*Biographies randomly generated unless they look coherent