Clypian Editors 2019-2020

Eddy Binford-Ross is a junior and the Clypian’s Editor-in-Chief. She gave a TEDx talk on the importance of civics education and is the Co-President of Model UN. When she’s not spending time with her horse, she likes travelling the world, backpacking, following politics and reading.

Hilary James loves sports and has enjoyed being a part of the sports writing team for the Clypian. It will be her third year in the news production class and her second year being a Sports Editor. Outside of that she is a part of the girl’s basketball team at South and wants to continue to pursue that passion beyond high school. 

Claire is a sophomore at South Salem. She enjoys true crime books, hiking/backpacking, debate club and humanities classes, especially politics, philosophy, and economics, although her comprehension of said topics is limited at best.

Katy Morris is a senior and it is her fourth year on The Clypian. She is currently the feature editor of the paper. She spends her time in a leotard and on her tippy toes. Her aspirations in life include something along the lines of “a whole lotta cats” and a “whole lot of dancing.” She’s a professional at turning her lemons into lemonade and loving the way mother earth created her.

Amelia Smith is a junior and is the content and the opinion page editor for The Clypian. This will be her third year involved with the journalism program at South. She enjoys theater and the technical arts, as well as playing lacrosse on the South Salem girls lacrosse team.

India Hartle is a photographer. She goes to sports events of all kinds and other events in and out of school. She also plays the piano.

Jasmine Chitwood loves being a photographer for the school’s newspaper and being able to grab a great photo. She has a job working with children and is a part of the Link program.

Samie Lolley is a senior and runs the website for Clypian. This will be her fourth year on the team. She enjoys popcorn, puppies and picnics in the park. She finds beauty in the simplistic elements of life and is always down to take off her shoes, munch on some pineapple and crack open a ginger ale… or 8.